#DateMyFamily: The shade and the jealous friends

We were never ready for all the shade that was thrown on this new season of the show.

By  | Nov 27, 2017, 08:33 PM

Date my family

If there's one thing we've learned from this season of Date My Family is that people should learn to choose friends who are great wingmen.

Ladies and gentlemen, in case you didn't watch Date My Family on Sunday night, these three friends are the true definition of jealousy and betrayal.


We got introduced to the beautiful Mimi Khomo who was in search of a potential date as she's been single for a couple of months. And although the three men who stood the chance to be her future boyfriend were quite good looking, their friends didn't exactly represent them well.


The first bachelor who goes by the name of Siphiwe, had good friends, however this guy right here nearly ruined everything for Siphiwe.


Joseph not only seemed sour throughout the date but he also insulted Mimi's hairstyle and compared her to women who hang around in taverns, imagine!? Luckily Mimi could handle her own and the other friends were able to douse the fire between Mimi and Joseph before it really got out of hand.

Then there was the second family who represented Anda. We're not sure if this friend wanted Mimi for himself or he had a bit too much to drink, but when he spazzed out of nowhere we were quite taken aback. At some point, we thought he was going to tell Mimi all the reasons why she shouldn't choose Anda as a date.


Even poor Mimi was shocked when the guy went off on a tangent.

Mimi date

But no date was as worst as the third family, attended by Bokang's friends, Lesedi and Miss Nedbank aka Spiderwoman.


Yeah, that's what social media is currently calling her.

Miss Nedbank wasn't the most welcoming friend, the situation became rather awkward when she and Mimi had an exchange of words which had the whole nation in disbelief. 

After that altercation, we knew Mimi was not going to choose Bokang. Some people believe that Miss Nedbank wants Bokang for herself, and judging by the way she was acting, that could be true, but then again she just might be looking out for her friend. But that intellectual comment she made about Mimi was below the belt.

Mimi eventually chose Siphiwe, but that date went pear-shaped real quick. We were a bit disappointed at how the date turned out, they really looked they were going to get along like a house on fire but that wasn't the case.


Main Image Credit: Facebook/DateMyFamily