Anele's Humiliating Attempt To Drag Woolies Fails

Anele should have just drunk her water...

By  | Jan 21, 2020, 11:39 AM

Anele Mda's mentions are a mess after the star tried and failed to drag Woolies.

Life coach and public speaker Anele Mda found herself trending on Monday after she tweeted her annoyance at retailer giant Woolworths over an item she purchased that was less than satisfactory.

Anele bought a six-pack of water and was angry and disappointed to see (after she had already taken them home) that one of the water bottles was almost empty.

She then wrote an official complaint to Woolies customer service but was not satisfied with their response and that's where things took an unexpected turn.

Anele shared her interaction with the brand online, calling them out for their "messy organisation" and "lack of leadership". She even tried to get followers to join her with the hashtag #WoolworthsIsTrash (and she ironically misspelled trash as 'thrash'!)

The whole move saw herself and Woolworths trend online for hours.

It was all too much for Black Twitter who accused her of 1. Overreacting, 2, Being childish and 3. Having 'first world' problems

Here's how they reacted;

Some tweeps took it one step further and labelled Anele herself 'trash' and vowed never to call their future children by that name!

Askies Anele, perhaps you should have just drunk the know the rest!

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Image credit: Twitter @anele