DJ Fisherman Speaks Out

DJ Fisherman Speaks Out

Mar 16, 2019, 04:46 PM

During the week, DJ Fisherman expressed his anxiety over the ramifications of Mampintsha's actions over the abuse towards Babes Wodumo two weeks ago.

While some people called for the muting of Mampintsha's music, DJ Fisherman explained why muting Mampintsha would not serve the overall good purpose of all the people that worked with Mampintsha.

His statement stemmed from the news he received from his record label who informed him that his song - "Glama" which features Mampintsha would not be released because Mampintsha is currently in hot water for physically assaulting Babes Wodumo.

Frustrated by the news, DJ Fisherman explained why he felt it was unfair that other musicians should suffer because of another person's mistakes and that muting Mampintsha meant taking food out of the mouths of not only people that depend on Mampintsha but out of other musicians as well.

DJ Fisherman's tweets did not sit well with some people who thought that the DJ is unreasonable as abuse against women is a much more severe issue than having his song not being released.

However, DJ Fisherman feels as though his tweets were misunderstood and has thus released a statement to clarify what he meant.

DJ Fisherman began his statement by making it clear that he does not defend Mampintsha's abusive actions and that his plea is more directed at the unfairness of how the music business operates.

Here's more of his statement:

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In relation to my post about #MuteMampintsha and removing my song "Glama" that features Mampintsha off my project.

"Firstly I just want to put on record that I do not support any form of abuse and I strongly condemn my colleague Mampintsha for laying a hand on his partner Babes Wodumo, no matter the circumstances as men we should never resort to violence to solve issues.

My issue here is after the ordeal occurred, it seemed to be affecting far more people than the people concerned.

Is it not time to start finding solutions within this unregulated industry?

I feel this is the time to address these issues.

The underlying questions that we cannot escape is "What happens to the artists that have made music with Mampintsha over years?" Many of them are producers who do not generate an income through gigs and events, they play instruments, write songs and do backup vocals. What happens to them? Their time, energy, talent and investments they put into making music, what happens to them in this case?"

The DJ further reiterated that the music industry is the only business that does not take care of its own and that this narrative needs to change and that the music industry alongside the government needs to find solutions on how to protect the financial interests of the artists.

"Music industry is the only big industry that does not take care of its own and secure the future of musicians.

Think about it this could still happen to others in future, an artist gets into a different but similar situation & more innocent people become casualties.  All I'm asking is, is it not time Government protects and regulates arts?

Maybe start some sort of insurance fund or any sort of financial backing for any future problems that may arise.

You pay a certain amount of money and should you ever go broke (you get a lump-sum or 3 months cash injection for you to find your feet and make more music to kick start your career again).

Maybe also add basic financial education as a standard procedure before allowing the release of a debut album. I don’t know really how to put this but I'm writing this hoping it reaches parliament and the art department.

The music industry is dying a slow death because there are loopholes that need serious leadership and thinking to fix. Musicians are not just entertainers who must be called in to entertain and it ends there. We serve the same purpose as Doctors, inventors, teachers and any other career. The arts need experts to assess and design structures to guide it through different challenges."

Fisherman has also confirmed that he will indeed not release the song that he featured Mampintsha on, out of respect for the people that support his music, but he again pleads with people to take into consideration what he means about this issue at hand.

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"A man should not have enough power to destroy other people's careers and dreams. We cannot allow the system to reduce us to that level. There should be individual consequences. A man must take the heat for his actions. Don't involve people who are innocent and I say this thinking of all the kids that make music and are unknown who depend of royalties to survive. Think about them too, this issue goes way beyond Mampintsha or this sad situation. Now that we are here let's deal with it for the future so everyone knows their actions will have serious implications and those implications may come in hefty fines or whatever punishment. In a soccer team if a player gets a red card - the whole team does not get muted the individual gets muted. We should look towards something similar.

In closing I just want to say I have opted to leave out the song in respect of the people that support my music but I also would like you to think about what I said and I call on politicians and all stakeholders to help us fix this broken system. The time has come!"

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Zee Dladla

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