DJ Fresh doesn't need your exposure

DJ Fresh doesn't need your exposure

Oct 18, 2018, 01:18 PM

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After being in the game for more than two decades, some people still think that DJ Fresh needs exposure. Seriously?

It is a common offer that is well - practised in the entertainment industry when people don't feel the need to pay you as an entertainer. 

You offer to provide them with a service and in exchange and because they're under the impression that their brand is THAT big, they then offer to pay you in exposure.


As if exposure guarantees food on the table and clothes on your back. 

Taken from a post he saw on DJ Cleo's page, Fresh echoed his frustrations about how some organizations tend to not take artists seriously as businessmen/women.

Young Joc

Fresh wrote: "Blows my mind that I am on radio every weekday interacting with 1 million people every 15 minutes, gigging most weekends in the year, and some will offer to compensate me with EXPOSURE!!! #TrueStory.

1. I need LESS exposure

2. Banks don't take exposure as payment for my bonds!!!


 If you didn't understand number 3, Fresh basically just told everyone that they can take their exposure and shove it.

A post shared by DJ Fresh (SA) (@djfreshsa) on

So please folks, if you want to see this man happy and smiling just pay what is owed to him, we all know he doesn't need the exposure.

This also goes out to all aspiring entertainers, if you know that you're good at what you do and are worth being paid, stand your ground, don't let them pay you in exposure, exposure doesn't pay your bills.

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