Doting dad shares the impact Sho Madjozi had on his daughter

Sesi Madjozi, the role model 

By  | Jul 20, 2018, 08:25 AM

Doting dad shares the impact Sho Madjozi had on his daughter

Although many famous faces often insist they never set out to be anyone's role model, it's a part of the job that you just can't shake. 

One person who openly embraces the role model title, however, is musician Sho Madjozi (real name Maya Wegeriff), who's entire brand is built on the foundation of her pride in who she is. 

Ever since she first burst on the scene, Madjozi, has celebrated and shared her Tsonga heritage through her dressing and music and this has had an impact she doesn't often get to see. But, she got reminded of this when photographer, Kevin Halama, reached out to Madjozi to let her know that she has given his four-year-old daughter, Amani, immense pride in her heritage. 

Madjozi shared the email from Halama, along with a picture he sent of Amani on social media: 

In a caption, in response to Halama and his daughter, Madjozi said: "...I was so touched at a father’s love for his daughter, touched at how much my movement means to little girls and moved by the confidence in this young star. I love you Amani 💖 you are so pretty 😍😍😍 I love your xibelani it looks just like mine 🤗🌺"

Check out the rest of her message below: 

Main image credit: by garthvonglehn