Duboiz shoots video with Tyga

Duboiz shoots video with Tyga

Sep 27, 2016, 01:56 PM

Duboiz and Tyga

Duboiz has been a very busy man. The rapper was currently in America chasing the American dream.

Ok, maybe he might not be chasing the American dream but he sure is living his dream. The Mabala Noise artists was in the city of Angels shooting for his new music video for the track, Dope Dreams.

American rapper, Tyga features not only on the song but also in the video too.

"It was all a dream..no pun intended. I found myself looking in the mirror during the day, asking myself if this was reality, and it was - my reality of being in the US, shooting a music video with Tyga.

The director was creative, the team was on point and the girls were on fire" Said the rapper.


Duboiz also spoke about how much he appreciated Tyga for climbing on board on this project.

"The video was a great experience, and I really appreciate Tyga and everyone that came through to make the shoot a success. It's really a dream come true to have a song with such a talented and young global star like Tyga. God is great!

Video shoots are long days but so incredibly worth it, the video is going to be Hot! "

The music world is definitly getting smaller and smaller, a couple of years ago, collaborating with an international rapper was unheard of, now our very own talents are exchanging contacts and having American rappers appear on their videos.


Life's real good!

Written by

Nonjabulo Mgabadeli

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