EFF wants to help Fifi Cooper

The political party has offered their help to assist Fifi Cooper in what they term as an “injustice” move towards the rapper.

By  | Nov 28, 2017, 10:54 PM

Fifi Cooper

Fifi Cooper and her fans were overwhelmed with disbelief after the rapper was hit with a court interdict on Monday afternoon, 27 November, which was posted on Ambitious Entertainment’s Twitter account.

The interdict had stated that Fifi Cooper amongst many other various orders, could not perform any of the songs she created whilst she was still at the record label, plus she was ordered to pay all of Ambitious Entertainment’s legal costs that occurred during this legal battle between her and the record company.

Fifi Cooper

EFF has now come to her defense and sent out a tweet notifying the public that they are in talks with the rapper to help her out of the dire situation she’s in with Ambitious Entertainment.

The tweet was met with positive responses from the public.

Fifi also just posted this Instagram message following EFF's tweet earlier on.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Ke_fificoopersan