Emtee fires shots at Mgarimbe

It seems Emtee is not tired of being a bad boy.

By  | Nov 04, 2017, 10:55 AM

Emtee and Mgarimbe

The Rapper has been making the headlines for showing his genitals on social media recently and now it seems that Emtee is on that bad boy behaviour again as he fired shots at Sista Bethina hitmaker Mgarimbe.

It all started when a tired fan decided to post a tweet about him being tired of the Sista Bettina song and it being played everywhere.

Emtee retweeted the post saying that Mgarimbe was "wack".

And some celebs thought that this was a blasphemous thing to say.

Emtee's character is getting wild, we still trying to figure out whats triggering this behaviour.