Exclusive: Five things you didn't know about Clement Maosa

ZAlebs caught up with the talented star at an Oreo event.

By  | Oct 22, 2018, 10:05 AM

Clement Maosa

Saturdays' are usually reserved for relaxing with friends and family, however this last Saturday was a different scenario for most of us who were invited to an Oreo event held at Maponya Mall, Soweto.

Oreo has launched a new campaign called Oreo people, this exciting move from the biscuit giant company, aims at encompassing each and every individual into their campaign. A variety of journalists'and photographers' were present at the venue. However there was an exception of a well known celebrity, Clement Maosa from SABC 1's Skeem Saam.

Clement Maosa was evidently a crowd favourite as he effortlessly blended and mingled with the people. Which proved that indeed, Oreo had made a sensible decision in selecting this multi talented actor for the Soweto leg of the launch.

ZAlebs managed to steal a few moments with the media personality as he spoke quite candidly about some aspects of his life.

Clement has been philanthropic from way back since Skeem Saam started airing on television. Explaining his decision to lend his power and influence to various initiatives, he said:"What people dont know is that I have been philanthropic for about 7 years now. He continued to add: "Where I come from a lot of people need some kind of motivation and it was not easy for me to get out of the villages of Limpopo".

On other talents that he is yet to explore, he said: "I might drop a house joint before the end of this year. But I won't say much about it, however you guys (ZAlebs) will be the first to know. Most people don't know that I have an LLB, therefore I am a legal advisor sometimes".

Can we all agree that, Clement's thread game is usually on point?, he shared that his red carpet outfits are mostly designed by up and coming designers' from his hometown, Limpopo. When quizzed about his immaculate fashion style, he said:"When attending events, I mostly seek fashion services from up and coming up designers'from Limpopo, I have worked with David Tlale's The Intern finalist, Kelesto Moraba and also a stylist named Wizz, from Limpopo as well. I am all about local empowerment hence I hardly ever work with big brands".

It proved to be quite a hassle to get this talented actor to spill more about his love life hence he is recently engaged, however he coyly stated that he prefers to keep his private life exactly like that - private. But this is what he managed to share with us:"So far so good but that is a part of my life that I don't like talking about".

There truly is no rest for the wicked hey, Clement shared that he hardly ever sleeps hence he is always on the go. These were his exact words when I asked him about his downtime activities given the fact that he leads such a busy life: "Wait when do I relax? I am always working".

OFF THE CUFF: His thoughts about the much talked about Pastor Omotoso trial:"This trial highlights a very sensitive matter in our community hence we have seen a lot of women and children being abused". Even talking about it proves to be quite emotional for me. But I personally believe that as men, we can do better than that, we need to protect our daughters', mothers' and sisters'.

Clement Maosa is truly inspirational, to give most of his time and energy to others' shows how selfless he is.

Main Image Credit:Instagram/@clementmaosa