Female vocalists we'd love to hear sing a hip-hop hook

Female vocalists we'd love to hear sing a hip-hop hook

Jan 13, 2017, 01:19 AM

Female vocalists on a hip hop hook

C'mon, we've all done it... Listened to two or more of our favourite artists in a row and wondered why they've never made a song together. 

Although J. Cole's '2014 Forrest Hills Drive' went double platinum with no features, collaborations are still a highly popular and vital part of the music industry, especially in hip-hop. Or maybe that's just my biased opinion...

And in the vein of biased opinions, here is a list of female vocalists we at ZAlebs would love to hear sing the hook of a hip-hop track the same way Tamarsha did on Dream Team's 'Tsekede' or Nothende on Kabomo's highly popular track, 'Colour of Love.'

Nadia Nakai featuring Tamarsha

Tamarsha Khanyile x Nadia Nakai

Curvy queens unite!

As Nadia becomes more comfortable with the fact that she's a rapper, her raps just get better and better. So in the name of growth, could she please collaborate with more people outside the Family Tree label? One of those people we'd possibly love to see her on a song with is Tamarsha who you may recognize from BET Africa.  

Maggz featuring Amanda Black

Amanda Black x Maggz

2016 ended on a high note for Amanda Black who's debut album Amazulu was certified platinum. Maggz on the other hand took yet another L as his first solo album was delayed, yet again, for reasons unknown to us. Perhaps a collaboration with Amanda would allow her great luck to rub off on him so that one of SA's most underrated rappers could finally show the masses what his fans have known all along - that he's a damn good rapper! 

AKA and Anatii (aka The Saga) featuring Shekinah

Shekinah x AKA x Anatii

Talent on talent on talent! Could you just imagine what a fire track these three could make? A Shekinah vocal sandwiched in between bars from Supa Mega and the Electronic Bushman would probably be thee song of the summer for 2017. Now all they have to do is make the song and put it on their upcoming joint project 'Be Careful What You Wish For.'

Da L.E.S featuring Vanessa Mdee

Vanessa Mdee x Da L.E.S

Da L.E.S has never shied away from a collaboration both internationally and locally so we are quite frankly surprised that this one hasn't happened yet. 

Not only is Tanzania's first ever MTV VJ a stunning and stylish woman but she's a pretty good singer and we think she could do a decent job of rapping given half the chance. She's already worked with K.O on a track called 'Nobody But Me' (which reminds us of K.O's track, 'Gangster Love' featuring Nandi Madida) so we have faith that a collabo with Da L.E.S could be pretty great. 

Cassper Nyovest featuring Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade x Cassper Nyovest

Two big personalities, one track - that could only be a good thing right? Plus they're both great dancers so if they had to try and put that in a video, it would be hot! 

And Cassper is known for having a thing for gorgeous women so working with her could result in some fire chemistry - either on a song or in other ways... 

And lastly, we couldn't figure out who Ayanda Jiya


could team up with but she's so talented that she could probably work with anyone. Just listen to her song. 

Which other female vocalists would you like to hear on a hip-hop hook? Comment below or tweet us @ZAlebs

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Kay Tatyana Selisho

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