Fifi Cooper admits she did not have money to fight Ambitiouz Entertainment

Thankfully, EFF has rescued her from her financial woes

By  | Dec 02, 2017, 06:07 AM


Ever since Ambitiouz Entertainment released that statement about the court's interdict against Fifi Cooper, a lot of people, including political party - EFF have voiced the injustice done against the rapper.

Earlier on in the week - EFF confirmed that they would help Fifi Cooperwith all the legal fees related to the court interdict.

According to IOL - Fifi has since released a statement that clearly states that she did not have the financial means to fight her former record label and that E.F.F's offer to help her came right on time.


"I did not have money to fight Ambitiouz Entertainment who have been using a powerful law firm against me. I felt hopeless until the EFF President Julius Malema contacted me and offered the help of EFF. I can confirm that I have met with the EFF's lawyers and they will file an urgent court application to rescind the judgment sometime next week".  Said Fifi

What we found interesting is that Arthur seems to be in on assisting Fifi Cooper as well. Which is great, but isn't he an ANC member? And isn't his ex Cici now an official Ambitiouz Entertainment artist?

But then again that shouldn't matter when you're trying to help a young artist out.


Main Image Credit: Instagram/@ke_FifiCoopersan