Get well messages pour in for Mandoza

Fans wish Mandoza a speedy recovery as he battles with a brain tumor.

By  | Sep 07, 2016, 06:25 AM


Nkalakatha kwaito star, Mduduzi Tshabalala, better known as Mandoza, made headlines after news broke out of his sickly condition, caused by a brain tumour.

Mandoza's wife, Mpho Tshabala, pleaded with South Africans to keep his husband and father of her children in their prayers.

The Tshabalala family released a statement stating that the Kwaito star is being medically treated for what appears to be a brain tumor that he has recently being diagnosed with. 

The kwaito star is currently at home in Soweto as he receives the best of care from his family and doctors.

Mandoza's health related issues were made public in 2015 after he was rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery.

Although considered to be very sick, Mandoza is still booked to perform at the Thank You SABC concert in Orlando, on Saturday.

Messages from fans have been pouring in since a statement was released by his family about his condition.

Unfortunately, there are others on social media who have been dragging Mandoza's name through the mud, thankfully his fans are still standing behind him and are pleading for the nation to show respect.

What's also interesting is that although all media outlets have described Mandoza's condition as critical, SABC 2 news anchor, Leanne Manas took to Twitter earlier on in the morning and confirmed that Mandoza's condition isn't as bad as it's made out to be.

Whether critical or not, we still wish Mandoza a speedy recovery and can we please be respectful to him and his family during this trying time.

Image Credit: Facebook