Girl chat - Tumi Voster on make-up, travel and taking the perfect holiday pic

Girl chat - Tumi Voster on make-up, travel and taking the perfect holiday pic

Jul 25, 2017, 09:35 AM

Tumi Voster on make-up, travel and taking the perfect holiday pic

A quick scroll through Tumi Voster's account makes one thing highly apparent; no matter what the season is, the media personality spends her days chasing summer. So who better to chat to about make-up and travel than Voster? 

Hands up if you had no idea that there was an island in between Mauritius and Madagascar.

Don't feel bad, there are a lot of us who didn't, Voster included but thanks to Instagram, we get to live vicariously through her and discover Reunion Island's LUX* Saint Gilles.

Reunion Island

Urban Decay Cosmetics recently flew Voster out, along with influencers Kefilwe Mabote and Aisha Baker-Parnell to introduce them to the island as well as their new Naked Heat range in the first pre-launch #UDGetaway.

Urban decay naked heat

You're probably wondering what a cosmetics brand would be doing taking influencers to an island because make-up is the last thing on a girl's mind when she's in paradise... 

“What's nice about it is that you’ve got your primer stuff that you need to put on before you put on make-up [as well as] all that stuff that protects your skin, that looks after your skin.. So they’ve got quite nice products and products that even help with removing make-up…" explained Voster. 

Tumi has a weakness for brows and lips so she says Urban Decay's wide offering fit quite well into her holiday routine. 

Tumi Voster, UD Urban getaway

Considering the fact that she travels often, she seems to have gotten it down to a science.  She advises those who want to travel but find it quite inaccessible to save way ahead of time, to book early in order to get favourable prices, to travel in off-peak seasons and to use the assistance of a travel agent.

“Of late, I’ve actually made it a priority for me to travel mainly because I feel like I work so hard that I sometimes don’t get time to appreciate life and relax and I got to a point, especially earlier this year, and I thought ‘what’s the point of working if I’m not creating, or using my money to create all these experiences and seeing the world?’”

The biggest lesson that Voster has learned is the importance of consulting a travel agent as they know well enough to plan for/book most of the things you may miss. 

"When I went to Thailand, I used a travel agent and there was literally someone to take care of us from the time we landed, they told us more about the Island, what we could do, what we couldn’t do, what are the best things to do and use while you’re here. It was helpful in that sense because there was someone there to guide you even if I was with a friend,” she explained.

Tumi Voster urban decay

In addition to the fact that she found the staff friendly and welcoming and she enjoyed the amount of activities they had planned, Voster exclaims “what I loved about where we were is that the beach was right there. That’s one thing that I love about a hotel - not having to drive to the beach!”

She has a personal dislike for the transit part of travel so that is the only part she didn’t enjoy about the entire trip but a four hour flight in pleasant company should fly by in no time at all.

Tumi Voster on make-up, travel and taking the perfect holiday pic

Seeing as her Instagram stays on point, we asked Voster for her top tips on taking the perfect holiday shot and she said: 

1. Make sure that the lighting is great. Lighting can make or break a picture because of the darkness. Some pictures are impossible to brighten and that just takes away from the quality of a picture

2. Make sure your camera person knows which angle you’re looking for because what’s the point of they’re going to take 10 horrible photos

3. Plan your outfit - "I was so lucky that when I to Reunion Island, I styled my outfits in such a way that it complemented the environment."

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