GoodLuck continues to tour the world

By  | Aug 08, 2014, 05:17 PM

Seems like AKA isn’t the only local artists that’s on his tour grind. Cape Town based electronic outfit, GoodLuck continue their 8 week tour of Europe that has seen them perform in the Netherlands, where they put on a stellar show at the Solar Festival where they headlined the main stage to 30 000 people.

The band has been on tour for 3 weeks already, performing festival dates around Holland. They are now preparing for the next leg in the United Kingdom, where they are scheduled for 7 more festival performances around the country including Ireland and Scotland.

Lead singer Juliet Harding had this to say about the tour so far:

"It's been an incredible season in Europe and it definitely was a highlight performing Solar Festival! The audience was electric - I haven't seen a crowd lose their minds like that in a while! "

As the only South African act on the bill, GoodLuck flew the SA flag high convincing the Dutch audience that African acts are on the rise. The bands producer Ben Peters said "It's an awesome honour to represent our home on foreign shores and the response we've had so far has been massively inspiring!  I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be able to perform our music around the world!"

This is the band's fourth summer season touring in Europe and the experience they've gained is immeasurable.

Well done GoodLuck, the band will return to South Africa in September for yet another summer packed season planned ahead.