Has #OPW become a show about baby mamas & cheating men?

It's more than just about enjoying your wedding these days.

By  | Nov 20, 2017, 01:23 PM

Nomsa Buthelezi Our Perfect wedding

The various episodes of Our Perfect Wedding have consisted of a very common thread we've noticed throughout the show. 

Besides the beautiful wedding gowns, cake etc, it seems like the show has become a show about cheating fiance's & brides who want to show off to the baby mama's that she's the one that won the man and not them. 

Just last week we were introduced to Lindiwe and Nceba, Lindiwe shared how her husband cheated on her several times whilst dating and even had 4 children outside of their relationship.

And this weeks episode was no different as Mthokozisi and Bongani shared with Mzansi their relationship journey which began in 1999.


First off, let us add that the wedding was absolutely beautiful and well organized. Well except for the matron of honour tearing her dress and the mishap with the cake but besides that, the wedding was a dream, we especially loved the decor and of course, Bongi's friend. 

This guy was the life of the party.


However, it became clear to viewers that Bongi and Mthokozisi main issue in the relationship were Mthokozisi's three baby mamas. Mthokozisi had also cheated and Bongi kept referring to how overwhelming Mthoko's baby mamas are.

Although Mthokozisi mentioned that he has tried to bring upon peace between his wife and the other women, it hasn't been much of a success as the subject of the baby mama's kept on being raised in the episode.

And although Bongi knows her husband is a serial cheat, her love for him has surpassed anything that they've gone through in the past.

So has OPW seriously become that show of celebrating serial cheaters and highlighting baby mamas as the bad guys? 

We all know that not all baby mamas come with drama and that a leopard never changes its spots (referring to the cheating men) but besides all of that baggage, some ladies will continue to get married and show off their wedding on tv regardless.

What's your take on this common thread of cheaters and baby mamas?

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