Honorable members of 2017

Honorable members of 2017

Dec 27, 2017, 06:17 AM

From Twar to War - Fikile Mbalula is sueing Robert Marawa

Politics has had it's ups and downs all over the world but this year, South African went through the good, the ugly and the nasty with its politicians. One of the great things that came out of this year is that more young people got involved in politics and became more aware of South Africa's current affairs.

Some politicians have become a little more than just people assigned to help run our country. Some politicians have been exposed to that camera so much that they forgot that they’re actually politicians and actually became a part of our pop culture This past year has been one of the most dramatic, surprising and needless to say, the most entertaining year in South African Politics 

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Some politicians have become so popular even memes were made out of them

Fikile "Mbaweezy" Mbalula

Fikile Mbalula
The Citizen

Mbuyiseni " The peoples bae" Ndlozi 

Mbuyiseni Ndlozi

Julius "Juju" Malema

Julius Malema

Blade Nzimande (Hold it right there meme)

Blade Nzimande

Malusi Gigaba

Malusi Gigaba

Cyril "CR17" Ramaphosa (But why are you this person meme)

Cyril Ramaphosa
Times Live

Jacob Zuma (Sama whatsapp group meme)

Jacob Zuma
The Citizen

Main Image Credit: Twitter

Written by

Marietta Zeferino

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