How much do celebrities really earn?

How much do celebrities really earn?

May 10, 2017, 09:11 PM

Nasty C

I'm sure it's something everyone has wanted to know at some stage, how much do celebrities earn?

From TV and radio shows to endorsement deals and MC duties. Celebrities can earn quite a bit of cash every month. But it takes work. We chatted to an industry insider to find out how our ZAlebs earn and approximately how much?

Let's begin shall we?


TV and Radio shows

TV show fees are calculated on a special rate per call or an overall fee per season of a show. A fee can also be earned per hour. 

Big stars like Minnie and Bonang can earn up to R18,000 per call. 

Minnie earned an estimated fee of R20,000 per call on Soccer Zone, which means her new contract with SuperSport would be a substantial amount. 

Minnie Dlamini
Bonang Matheba

Bonang earned R180k three years ago for Clash of the Choirs. This rate would be much more in 2017. 

Pearl Thusi 

Pearl Thusi's dollar paycheck in the USA is estimated at $2000 per call, which makes her a very top earner in South Africa thanks to the exchange rate.

Pearl Thusi
Endorsement deals 

Brands want celebs and celebs want brands. Most deals depend on the factors involved. Social Media can assist in quick and easy ways of making money. 

Bonang is the Queen of endorsement deals. Earning an estimated R2 Milion for 6 months with Ciroc Vodka. We don't even want to know what she got for her latest Courvoisier deal. Woolworths was more of a strategic move instead of a big paycheck. It was reported that Bonang took a much smaller paycheck to be the face of Distraction 


Liesl Laurie scored herself a deal with Vichy that extends the shores of South Africa. It is estimated that she earned more money on the usage rights overseas that the total amount in South Africa which ranges from R200k - R500k 

MC rates 

Pabi Moloi and JeannieD are still some of the highest paid MCs in South Africa. Charging R45,000 per event. MC events are how celebs can make lots of money quickly, but relationships with events companies and brands are very important to have a consistent income.

Social Media 

This is new to brands, paying celebs to post on their platforms was unheard of a few years ago but celebrities like Thando Thabethe have earned R100k for a few posts on Social media. 

It is important to have a good business sense and a full understanding of your brand as a ZAlebs or hire a great team that can connect you to the right people. 


Trevor Noah 
Trevor Noah MTV Award
AFP / Kevin Winter

Trevor is paying on a whole other level! According to fin24, he charges at least R3 million for an hour-long performance, excluding flights and accommodation for his entourage. That means you'd have to top up that R3M if you want him to show up... Gosh! 

An American net worth website estimates his net worth at $13 Million which is just over R175M and his salary is about $4 Million which is over R54M.

Everybody say it with me now: L E V E L S!

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@NastyCSA

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Rayna Monsoon

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