"I didn't have a nanny for three months" shares Nandi Madida

The media personality recently opened up about the first few months of motherhood as well as her experience of returning to work 

By  | Mar 31, 2017, 08:53 PM

"I didn't have a nanny for three months" shares Nandi Madida

We've seen more of Nandi Madida in recent months than we have since she gave birth and we don't know about you guys but we've been incredibly curious as to how she's handling motherhood and being back at work. 

Madida gave birth to a beautiful baby boy late last year and took a little time out to bond with the little guy and adjust to motherhood as Shaka is her first child. 

Speaking to local entertainment website, The Juice, Madida said "I didn't have a nanny for three months. So, I really got to know him." Adding that it is for that reason that leaving her son to return to work has been the hardest part for her. 

She says that being a hands on mom with her first child has taught her what motherhood means.

Madida is also grateful to be a twenty first century mom as she doesn't have to choose between motherhood or her career and no one makes her feel guilty for living her life that way. 

"I think more than anything I've been so fortunate that I come from a generation where you can work and be a great mom, and that has been the greatest joy," said Madida. 

She says she also appreciates her colleagues as they have been very accommodating during her return to TV. An accommodating team and a supportive family means that Madida still gets to put in time for a little self care which is essential, especially for new moms. 

As for the show (BET A-List), Madida merely promised that there will be more content, a huge change, and a new addition of sorts coming to the show.


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