"I Don't Rob Myself Of Things I Can Acquire" - DJ Zinhle

"I Don't Rob Myself Of Things I Can Acquire" - DJ Zinhle

Aug 05, 2019, 10:42 AM

Dj Zinhle  has opened up about getting back into a relationship with AKA, even after a gruesome and public break-up.

The musician, author and business woman laid her soul bare in conversation  with Enhle Mbali Maphumulo on the latter's new vodacast show, Sincerely Yours.

The two woman share a similar experience in their respective love lives, where they have both had to deal with a public heartbreak - as a result of cheating - and made the decision to forgive and try again.

In the vodcast, The Herd actress opens up about the pain she has had to go through with the two cheating scandals in her marriage, and attributes her staying married to Black Coffee to the love she has for him, as well as doing what's best for herself and her family at the time.

Enhle further asked Zinhle what led to her decision to go back to AKA, she said:
"I don't rob myself of things I want and can acquire. The decision to be with the father of my child has nothing to do with my child.

"So if there's an opportunity for me and whoever to reconcile, and I feel like I want to take a chance, I will take a chance because I don't want to question it four years later. I always go with what I feel right now and making the best decision for myself."

While the Dj said that being with AKA brings her joy right now, she explained that seeing AKA and Bonang in the media was tough. She described the feeling as "low".

"I know that when I think of that time, I just see darkness. It was just dark and cold and dry."

For the longest time, the public spoke of DJ Zinhle and Bonang as "best friends". Zinhle set the record straight on the show, alluding to B* as merely someone she knew in the industry and would greet when they would bump into each other.

For the DJ, removing herself from the whole situation with AKA and Bonang was a decision she took for the sake of her sanity, this included shutting down social media to have time for herself.

The two women, in what seemed like a bonding session, divulged a lot more about their love lives, their pain and strength during the circumstances they faced. They emphasized the importance knowing who you are and unapologeticallyunapologetically putting yourself first.

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