Idols SA - what a snooze fest

Idols SA - what a snooze fest

Oct 22, 2013, 06:18 PM

This week, the Top 7 got a chance to sing together. They opened the show with an entire choir backing them, singing the latest hit from Katy Perry, Roar. While I love choirs (I am in one), this choir needed some spark. They obviously have not watched any black American movies. Those choirs know how to bring the roof down and get a few amens from the crowd.

Crystalene Nair was first up, singing the old Aretha Franklin standard (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman. Gareth said she chose three incredible divas for the past three weeks, and he does not think the choices are making her shine. "I feel you are choosing material beyond your grasp." I totally agree with Gareth. What happened to Crystalene? Maybe she is just not meant to be a singer. Sorry Crystalene.

She got no love on Twitter either with people saying Crystalene should just go home.

Musa Sukwene was next and he chose a song from a recent visitor to our shores, Anthony Hamilton, called Pass Me Over. Gareth thought it was a boring song and said Musa did not do it well. But Unathi disagreed. "Musa, I think that was a very powerful performance. What you did with one of Anthony Hamilton's greatest anthems is, you brought more life to it." I love Musa but this song passed over my head really. 

There was an interesting tweet from Loyiso. If Musa goes home tonight, maybe Loyiso will add him to the Bala Brothers.

Solid performance by Musa. First contestant whose show I'd go to. What's Gareth smoking?

Bunny Majaja was next with the old-school Beatles classic, Let It Be. Randall did not sing back to her this week, but rather said: "The start of the song, the phrasing was not great." Shame man, is that not just her accent? One fan tweeted: "Bunny you did good, but please just stop twanging or check your phrasing as Randal puts it! It's off-putting, you don't sound SAn!" Bunny's outfit looked amazing though. Really accentuated her figure.

Sonke Mazibuko took to the stage with his rendition of the Jimmy Cliff classic Many Rivers To Cross. "I think we are really struggling with song choice this week," Unathi said. She thought that at least Sonke managed to lead the choir, compared to the other contestants. I don't know, I kept wanting to go to the bathroom each time he sang Many Rivers To Cross.

Brenden Ledwaba took on the massive Josh Groban number You Raise me Up. Gareth again disparaged the song choice. "This material is dropping all of you right down, it is not working for you tonight." Unathi also noticed there was a missing spark this week. Brendan is battling lately. Whoever is coaching him really does not know how to match his voice with the perfect song. Just imagine Neyo or Justin Bieber singing You Raise Me Up? Their voices are too soft and too sweet. Then the was the Twitter debate about Brenden's weight gain. Remember a few weeks ago I commented on the clothing the Idols contestants wear... well Brenden's pants was just too tight. One Brenden supporter tweeted: "idolssa stylist....WHY is Brenden in a blouse?????"

Christina Williams was next on stage. She went with Alicia Keys’ very first hit ever, Fallin’. Her opening note gave me toothache. "I felt your vocals weren't great and felt that you were uncomfortable," Gareth noticed. "You've had a couple of great nights on Idols, I think though the challenge tonight is that you are good pop singer, and not a good soul singer," Randall said. He thought the song was not for her. Christina, Christina, Christina, what were you thinking!

The pint sized Zoe Zana closed off the show with the early 80s classic Jackson 5 number Can You Feel It? And honestly, no, I could not feel a thing. Zoe killed my Jackson song. Her outfit was gorgeous, her drum session also gorgeous but her vocal were worse than a cat stuck in a tree. 

I hav no clue what Gareth was smoking at the end of the show because he liked the perfomance. I mean he picked on Musa and said yes to Zoe! "Zoe, thank you, that was entertaining. You are an entertainer," Gareth said. He loved the energy of her performance. Unathi said she is definitely peaking at the right time. "My best performance of the night, by kilometers," she gushed. 

Who do you think will get the boot tonight? I am leaning towards Christina going home just  because she murdered the Alicia Keys song. 

The show starts at 19:30 on Mnet.

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