#IdolsSA: Siyakha leaves the competition

#IdolsSA: Siyakha leaves the competition

Sep 15, 2016, 03:25 PM


Idols SA has just confirmed that, Top 16 contestant, Siyakha has left the competition.

According to Idols SA, the reason for Siyakha's withdrawal from the competition was due to a dispute she had with an independent record company.

According to the rules of the competition, contestants are required to sign an exclusive recording deal with Idols-appointed recording label when entering the competition.

However, it seems like Siyakha was already in discussions with another independent recording company before entering Idols but assured Idols that she had not signed anything with that other recording company. However, that particular recording company has come out to reveal that there is indeed a contract in place.

A statement issued by Idols SA read:

"Discussions have been held with all the affected parties since then, but there is still no resolution.

Due to conditions stipulated by the Idols format rights holder, we are unable to continue with a contestant that is currently involved in a legal dispute of this nature. Ms. Thshayela is therefore not able to continue as a contestant." 

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Tjo! this is so disappointing Siyakha was one of our favorites in the competition thus far.

We were never ready!

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Rayna Monsoon

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