Innocent Sadiki takes lead on her first official film

Skeem Saams Innocent Sadiki has more to offer the industry

By  | Nov 14, 2017, 07:22 PM

Getting to know Skeem Saam's Innocent Sadiki

Skeem Saams Innocent Sadiki has got more talent to still to keep you glued to your screens with her upcoming film Thembi set to premier later this month, Innocent takes lead on this film but it turns out her role was originally someone else’s journey.

In a recent interview with ThisaLive the actress revealed:

“This will be my first official film and first lead. It’s amazing in that when I found out by accident. The role that I eventually got was someone else’s originally but when I was called I rehearsed as the lead and it's been such a long journey.”

The actress who now plays a woman who is a victim of abuse on Skeem Skaam says that she found her character in this film to be more challenging.

“...I play Thembi, who has a mental illness and it was very challenging.” she said

Although the movie is set to premiere on the 27th of November the movie was shot two years ago and the actress couldn’t wait to get the word out about it and says that she is excited for people to see her acting skills stretched in a different role.

“I shot this movie two years ago and it’s been such a long wait that I was beginning to lose hope but I got the call yesterday that the wait was over. And, man I am excited that people are going to see my range as an actor” she said

Main image credit: Instagram/@innocentsadiki