Inside the exclusive Black Panther premier

Inside the exclusive Black Panther premier

Feb 16, 2018, 08:30 AM

Saudi, Sjava and Emtee

We went out to Ster-Kinekor The Zone Rosebank last night at the Black Panther South Africa, African couture themed premier to watch one of the most anticipated films in 2018 and of course we spotted some of your favourite A-listers on the red carpet.

We got to chat with some of the artists on the Black Panther album before the movie and hear what their expectations and thoughts on the movie might be and this is what they had to say:

Musician Sjava who is one of the artists featured on the Black Panther album had a mouthful to say about the movie, saying that though he was excited to watch the movie, he had expectations of seeing a lot of tradition in the movie, needless to say, that his expectations were exceeded.

“It’s the first black superhero movie, it’s the first time ever something like this happens so I think that's the first thing everyone is excited about, I hope it has a lot of tradition in it. A whole lot of culture in it then just superpowers in it, I hope that it’s really black…”  Sjava said.

Reason, Lerato Seuoe and Siyamthanda Ndube

Sjava went on to add that he’s happy to have this movie as a reference to bring hope to black people in South Africa and that they too can go further.

I’m happy to be a part of’s really something for South Africans, cause it’s not just us on the music, even us on the cast we have people that are South Africans, it’s really a big thing and thanks to Marvel for that...finally we gonna have something that will bring hope to everybody. I am happy about it...we can actually go further than what we thought."

Sjava also revealed that he’s DM’s (Direct Messages) are flooded with many international artists and influencers that are appreciating his contribution to the Black Panther album.

“In my DMs’s right now I’m getting DM’s from football players, from movie makers from all kinds of countries, their posting: ‘we don’t know what you’re saying but we like the music’. I really like the music and the has a lot of culture...if you were to listen to the album, everyone is accommodated in the album.” said Sjava


Like most people present, Saudi was really excited to be amongst the few to watch the movie for the first time but was more excited about his involvement in the Black Panther album as he says it had exposed the fake people in his life

“As a black artist in the industry the movie means the world to me, not just because I’m a part of it but because it’s the first black superhero [his feature in the Black Panther album] just pointed out all the fake people as usual, everyone started calling me, texting me and all that, but in terms of me and my art, I’m still running with it the same exact way, and I appreciate it, shout out to Kendrick Lamar and Top dog for giving me the opportunity." Said Saudi.

Loot Love and Natasha Thahane

Emtee shared that he felt that, with his friends being a part of the Black Panther Album made him feel as if he too was a part of it and that their victory was his victory too. 

“This once again is just one of the things that have me feeling like ‘ok what ya'll saying now?’...I’m really really happy that my homies are involved in this because we live together, we always together so that on it’s own...I didn’t even wanna put a verse or nothing, I was like: ‘yo, give this to my homies..'

Emtee added that the movie showed the possibility in collaborations between South African people with other international artists while still sticking to their authentic sound and that the idea comforted him that maybe one day they could make it to Hollywood.

“We black people we have so much potential, especially African people, we are now starting to get exposed to the Western life, which we can fuse with our homegrown stuff, and that's what our music is, and that's why they also picked us. It grows my respect for the label TDE and just Hollywood as a whole and it also gives me comfort and hope that hey, one day we’re gonna get to Hollywood.

Sjava and Emtee

The Black Panther movie definitely celebrated the African culture, with ancestral praise, language, bright costumes and the different accents used from different parts of Africa and had everyone in the cinema chanting 'Wakanda forever!' in the end. 

Written by

Joy Mphande

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