Inxeba to head back to cinemas

The film will no longer have an X18 rating 

By  | Mar 06, 2018, 05:44 PM

Inxeba to head back to cinemas

Earlier today, the Pretoria High Court heard the case of the Inxeba (The Wound) filmmakers  who were appealing the X18 rating given to their film by their Film and Publication Board's Appeals Tribunal earlier this year.

The FPB initially gave Inxeba a 16LS rating but it was revised following complaints by the Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa (Contralesa) and the Man & Boy Foundation. 

It got a new rating of X18, which falls into the same category as hardcore porn and meant that the film could only be shown at a designated adult premises (sex shops). 

The film producer's legal team argued that the X rating should be dismissed in order to allow the film to make its way back to cinemas. 

During court proceedings, a decision was made to drop the X from the X18 ruling which then allows the film to be screened in cinemas, but with an 18SNL rating. The traditional leaders who were in attendance and represented by Dali Mpofu agreed with the decision to drop the X from the ruling. 

The film's producers will return to court on 28 March to appeal the 18 rating. In the meantime, Inxeba's director, John Trengove, stated that the film will be back in cinemas this Friday as he was leaving the court house following court proceedings. 

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