Nasty C is working on music with US super-producer No I.D.

No I.D. on the track, let the story begin. 

By  | Dec 04, 2018, 10:33 AM

Nasty C is working on music with US super-producer No I.D.

The coolest kid in Africa (maybe even the world), Nasty C, has just revealed that he is currently working on new material with one of the biggest producers in hip hop - No I.D.

If you’ve followed American hip hop for the last two decades, then you’ll be very familiar with the legendary music maker whose CV includes working with rappers like Nas, Jay Z and J Cole. Simply put, this guy doesn’t work with wack artists.

Luckily, Nasty C is one of the finest rappers around right now. His Ivyson Tour has been one of the highlights of SA hip hop in 2018, topped only by his incredible second album, Strings and Blings and now it looks like he’s ready to take the next giant leap in his already impressive career. Nasty casually hinted at the latest international collaboration when he revealed that he was working on new music at the moment. 

He described his upcoming music as “crazy” before name dropping the G.O.A.T producer in a tweet:

This is just the latest in a long line of American endorsements/collaborations for Nasty C. Let’s face it, the kid has global appeal and it’s great to see one of our most exciting rappers recognised for his talents. If anything, this post sums up just how much love Nasty C has received from the international hip hop community. 

How soon will it be before Nasty C is representing us at the Grammys?

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@nasty_csa