Relax guys, Jessica Nkosi is not leaving Isibaya forever

She just wants a little change. Afterall, you can't eat chicken everyday 

By  | May 19, 2017, 09:26 PM

Jessica Nkosi is not leaving Isibaya forever

You spent all of Friday bombarding us with requests for us to find out why Jessica Nkosi is leaving Isibaya and while the news has been confirmed that she will no longer be playing the role of the beloved Qondi, Nkosi assures us that her departure is not permanent. 

I once spoke to her a few years ago about the YOU Spectacular awards and although we were discussing something as mundane as hair, Nkosi revealed that she couldn't play around with her hair too much as she had to stay true to Qondi's look on Isibaya (because she had to film everyday and all). 

This was before wigs became as trendy as they are now so it was understandable. Now imagine your job having so much control over something as simple as hair to something as complicated as your personal life? These people are not joking when they say they literally have time for nothing else. 

Nkosi has been experimenting with other ventures here and there over the past few years and now it seems she wants to go full steam ahead but with a full time job, something had to go...

Sadly (for us), she chose to let her role on the popular Mzansi Magic soapie go. She was actually quite afraid about how people would react to the news of her departure from the show. 

"I needed some time off. I just want fans of the show to be a little understanding and allow me to do this. It's just for a few months," said the actress, speaking to Sowetan Live

Nkosi added "as much as you are lucky to be doing a soapie, it's very demanding. That's all you do because you are on a first-call basis. The show is on every day, meaning I have to work Monday to Friday, so I can't explore other work."

And exploring other work is exactly what Nkosi plans to do with all this time. In addition to her new gig on BET A-List alongside Nandi Madida, Nomzamo Mbatha and others, Nkosi will be appearing in a stage play that she cannot say much about as yet. 

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Hmm. it's going to be interesting to watch the actress' growth on this new journey... We wish her all the best.

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