Jullian Gomes defends amapiano

Jullian Gomes defends amapiano

Jan 21, 2019, 05:06 PM

If you're an avid listener of amapiano, gqom and house music, you would be aware that there has been a brewing quarrel online amongst fans of each genre respectively.

Various house and gqom fans have gone to dismiss amapiano as just a genre that is heavily dependent on the piano instrument. 

Others have flat out said that the genre is boring. While on the other hand, others have gone to defend the genre and its young upcoming producers.

So, where does Jullian Gomes come in, especially considering that he is a house DJ, and not amapiano?

Well, over the weekend, internationally known German DJ, Lars Behrenroth, expressed that he was not fond of the amapiano genre and that, like some people, it bored him.

His opinion about the genre did not sit well with many people who appreciate the genre. This also includes our very own Jullian, who commented by saying:
"Young black South Africans came from nothing and started amapiano & gqom and are supporting their families off these movements. From one house head to another, its ok to listen to house music and still show respect. Have your taste but don’t disrespect the people of South Africa."

Meanwhile, Lars still stands by his opinion about his dislike of the amapiano genre, no matter how much other people have been trying to convince him otherwise.

Also, he seemed to have angered a lot of South Africans with his opinion.

But to his defense, Lars did explain that if young artists are making music that he doesn't quite like, it does not mean they should stop making that music as his opinion is just that, an opinion, and says nothing about their own talent.

Main image credit: Instagram/@JullianGomes
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Zee Dladla

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