Karabo Ntshweng celebrates turning 27-years-old

Karabo Ntshweng celebrates turning 27-years-old

Sep 13, 2018, 10:51 PM

Karabo Ntshebeleng

Former Yo TV presenter - Karabo Ntshweng is far from that bubbly girl who used to entertain us on a weekly basis on South Africa's most loved youth programme. 

She's a grown young lady who is paving her own way in the media industry and doing a great job at it as well.

Also, if you're shocked that Karabo is now 27-years-old, then it probably means that you're also getting quite old yourself.


Not only is Karabo a radio host but she's also a content producer for brands and is known to host a number of great events in Joburg.

Like many of us, Karabo is the type of person who loves to spoil herself because of how hard she works for every cent she makes.

In 2017 the media personality brought a BMW 1 series as a gift to herself, talk about levels and really spoiling yourself.


Her friends this year showered her with more love as they celebrated her last day as a 26-year-old two days before her birthday. 

Karabz 3

Happy belated birthday to Karabo, we hope to see her celebrate more birthday's and milestones in her ever-successful career in media.


Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Karabo_N

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