Keegan forms a band with former Idols SA contestants

Keegan lets us in on what he's been up to since leaving Idols SA season 12

By  | Nov 10, 2017, 12:58 PM


He may not have won last year's season but Keegan seems to be doing better than good and is still pursuing his passion in music

We caught up with the singer who informed ZAlebs that he's actually now part of a boy band with a couple of acts that you may remember from previous Idols SA seasons.

"Basically I have formed a band with myself, Bevin Samuels as well as Loyiso Gijana from season 11 Idols. The three of us have actually formed a boy band called 156, 156 stands for the different voting numbers we had on Idols. This is a boy band that has been touring since last year, however, we are also working on a single, we're just waiting for Loyiso to finish his matric year which is happening right now and after he completes his exam we'll all be in studio working on our single." - Said Keegan.

Keegan mentioned that they've been touring small towns and cities as they want to reach out to more fans across the country and to not only tour the well-known cities.

Keegan has mentioned that he is also open to collaborating with any of the season 12 contestants from last year as they all became friends whilst in the competition.

"I would definitely love to collaborate with Thami probably in the near future as he and I were friends way before the competition. I would also love to also do something with Valentine, as we are very close and Terra Cox and I have been doing a lot of shows together, surprisingly Terra has been quite involved in our 156 tours as well. We're also starting a new tour that's happening now from December it will be a 156 tour together with Terra Cox & Jamali."

Keegan added that he's still very good friends with Idols SA winner Noma Khumalo as well.


Besides music, Keegan is also offering a lot of his time to the youth. 

The singer travels to various primary and high schools to motivate students when it comes to pursuing their dreams and passion. He's been specifically working close with the Noordgesig Secondary High School based in Orlando East, Soweto in the efforts to help motivate the students and the youth of that community.

What's also interesting is that Keegan created a school choir at the school to help motivate the singers within the school and to help them form a strong foundation should they be interested in pursuing a career in music.

If you're still interested in following Keegan's career make sure you follow him on his Facebook page which is Idols SA Keegan Martin.  He also has his own personal Facebook page which is Keegan Martin. On Twitter, you can follow him on@YourKeegan & on Instagram it's @All.The.Cool.Names.Were.Taken_ which is his real Instagram account.

Main Image Credit: Twitter/@YourKeegan