Kelly Khumalo to make her TV comeback

Kelly Khumalo to make her TV comeback

May 17, 2017, 05:12 PM

Kelly Khumalo

Things are about to get even more interesting on local television. Singer and actress Kelly Khumalo has revealed that she'll be back on TV next month. 

Speaking to Pearl Modiadie and Amon Mokoena on Metro FM's The Great Escape, the singer and actress said: "I'll be back on TV again starting from June. So, people can watch out for me on SABC 1." 

Although she shared the channel she'll be on, she didn't reveal details about the show. She did, however, announce that she's done with Rhythm City. 

"I'll be on SABC 1 so people can look out for that." 

Although Kelly is famous for her wonderful voice, the singer has often found herself making headlines for the wrong reasons. 

When asked about people's misconceptions about her, Kelly said on the show: "I am not trying to rectify anything. Your perception is based on how you see me. It does not necessarily mean that I am like that. So I never want to rectify such things, I know who I am and I'm content with the woman that I am. Whoever that thinks whatever, it's their business it's not mine."  

Instead of entertaining negativity, Kelly is focused on making her mark in the entertainment industry. She told Pearl and Amon that she would like to be remembered as the greatest voice of all time. 

"I wanna be remembered like people like Whitney Houston. When we Remember Whitney all we remember is the voice, nothing else because that's what she was here for, the voice."  

That voice will definitely be remembered, Kelly. 

Main Image Credit; Kelly Khumalo

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