Kelly: Why Is Everything A Woman's Fault?

Kelly: Why Is Everything A Woman's Fault?

May 30, 2019, 03:01 PM

It's quite apparent why Kelly would ask such a question, especially considering how she's been vilified with regards to Senzo Meyiwa's death and how she was treated at the EFF Rally a few months ago.

Kelly's question not only stems from her own experience, but also from Lerato Sengadi's experience as well. Lerato, recently issued a press statement in response to one of HHP's friends and business partners who told the media that Lerato should stop referring to herself as HHP's wife.

Kelly, who also reposted Lerato press statement, shared a video asking people why the blame is always put on women when certain personal events, especially those that are negative, automatically become the woman's fault.

She said: 

"My anger comes from the fact that everything in our society is a woman's fault. You get raped? You deserve it because you weren't dressed appropriately. It's a woman's fault. Husband cheating on you? It is your fault because you are not satisfying him, or it is the other woman's fault, she gets called a homewrecker, but the husband? He is not held accountable for his action. You lose your spouse in a crime, it is your fault and you become the number one suspect. Why is it a woman's fault? Is it because we are an easy target?"

A number of her followers raised their own opinion about the question one follower said:

" If only women can stop hating each other and stick together as men do."

While another person said:

"I can tolerate it a litle when it comes from men, but when it's from other does it pain."
A comment that stood out for us, was from a man, who answered the question from a man's perspective. The male commentator expressed that women first need to understand that they are more superior than men and that women always make men want to work harder towards achieving something as women are a great inspiration to them.

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