Kgomotso Christopher on the delusion that the entertainment industry is in

She believes that the industry has made some improvements but still has a long way to go.

By  | Dec 07, 2017, 03:25 AM


A lot of aspirational artists and entertainers want to be part of the South African entertainment industry, which has resulted to the industry becoming tainted with a lot of watered down talent which, according to Kgomotso, has caused a sense of delusion that the industry is the perfect place to make a quick buck.

During an interview with True Love Kgomotso expressed that this is something that still needs to be fixed in the entertainment industry.

Kgomotso Christopher

“I’m not happy about the delusion that our industry is a go-to place for people who quickly want to brand themselves or make quick money. I’m not a hobbyist, I’m a professional and an academic. But look at the Kardashians. The people-as-brands delusion is happening everywhere, not just in South Africa. But America knows the difference between Viola Davis and Kim Kardashian. I can’t deny I may have been overlooked because I don’t have a huge Twitter following. I’m fortunate to have worked on productions that value skilled professionals and develop new talent over so-called ‘brands'.

The same sentiment was shared by LockDown actor - Lorcia Cooper who expressed a bit of frustration with regards to her being overlooked by production companies just because she does not possess a great social media following.

“Our industry has gotten into this thing where everything is superficial, and 'let's book you 'cause you have a following. I've lost jobs because my following was less than someone else's. They'll tell you that your following is not good enough. And you're like 'but I have skill'. Skill should always be more important than your following. Some of us don't wanna post bikini shots because we have a nine-year-old daughter we want to be a role model to." Said Lorcia.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Kgomotso_Christopher