Khaya Dladla to return on Uzalo soon

Khaya Dladla to return on Uzalo soon

Jan 24, 2018, 04:47 PM


Uzalo's most loved character will be returning to the show to continue his role as GC in February.

When Sihle Ndaba and Lelethi Khumalo left Uzalo with little to no explanation, viewers of the show were left shocked. All of a sudden, viewers began seeing less of their favourite character - GC as well.

This left rumors to run amok about GC (Khaya Dladla) leaving the show because of salary issues.

For weeks on end the show and actor remained mum about him going M.I.A.

However, the show has come to clarify why Khaya had disappeared for a minute.

Speaking to the Sowetan, Uzalo's executive producer - Marike Vandervalt explained that Khaya did not get fired but was rather on a storyline break.

"The character GC was on a storyline that took him to hell and back, at the end of which he went home to his village in the rural areas where the character recovered from all the trauma until we bring him back for another exciting story."


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We've already lost Manzuza and Smangele on the show with the exit of actresses Lelethi & Sihle at least GC is coming back.

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