The Kings of Skits have taken over social media

"We're where we are today because of the bridges we've burnt''

By  | Nov 03, 2017, 01:09 AM

Fash and crew

Now, if you're a real fan of comedy or just social media in general, then you've definitely come across these faces at least once or twice. Watch out tv personalities because the Dyans are coming for everything. Be ready because the kings of skits have arrived.

The Kings of Skits have taken over!

The Dyans as they call themselves is a group of three young, fresh and wildly talented individuals who were brought together by their love for comedy. The three guys consisting of Fash, Tafire and Bergie Fresh met in different walks of life but each have a unique story which rose them to fame. You'd be lying if you didn't think they owe you data right?

Believe it or not, it wasn't always love at first sight for these three amigos.

Siya and Fash didn't always get along because of the role Siya played on Isibaya but after a year of constant inboxing on Facebook and supporting one another's work, an unbreakable bond brewed and a brotherhood was born. Shain and Fash, on the other hand, have always been tight, they've known each other from way back in the dry snot days.

Siyabulela "Tafire" Deli

’Siyabulela's video the “Xhosa version of where are the pots”, a spoof on the notorious Speak Out episode, got over 200 000 views and since then  Tafire has never looked back since then.  

The Kings of Skits have taken over!

Hosana "Fash" Ngobese

What makes his videos entertaining is that the topics he covers are things most people have experienced, but never really thought of in the ways he does. One of his most popular skits is the  “If Panda was a church song,” which has been viewed over 500 000 times. 

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The Kings of Skits have taken over!

Shain "Bergie Fresh" Masango

Known as Bergie Fresh, Shain Masango got the “Fresh” part of his name from his obsession with always looking cool as a kid. The alias “Bergie” was dropped on him by a friend in high school and once Shain mashed the two together, he’s been “Bergie Fresh” ever since.

The Kings of Skits have taken over!

The main reason their videos are always a hit on social media is that they always make parodies of things we can relate to. They speak of everyday problems, make parodies of celebrities and touch on topics that we may be afraid to tackle in everyday society, with a bit of added humor of course.

"Most of our comes from a real place, I speak of my personal experiences which made it easier for viewers to connect with me because most of the parodies I do are things we've all been through once upon a time. It's basically all about things people relate to and creating your own content and thinking out of the box at times." 

Burning bridges with people

 Because of the bridges they've burnt, they are where they are today

"Our job is to burn bridges, we've touched on many issues that ZAleb go through whether it be good or bad and at when we do bump into these ZAlebs, they laugh, show love and even ask to feature us in their work." they said with pride.

Moving their craft into television

"We have a very close relationship with Ofentse Mwase Films and without giving too much away, something big is brewing. While everyone is enjoying the festive season, we'll be starting to shoot and in February, viewers need to be ready because there will be juice within that juice" We also have a huge high school following and because of this young love we will be going on a high school tour." 

For those who are wondering, the Dyans are in relationships and the girls that we see in their videos are not their ladies. They know very well how to separate their professional lives to their personal life. Sorry ladies, try next door!

Oh and before I forget, they do make money off of these videos, I mean the brothers gotta eat right?

Main image credit: Instagram/@fash_ngobese