Lasizwe set to host two TV shows

Lasizwe set to host two TV shows

Feb 06, 2018, 04:48 AM

Lasizwe Dambuza

Media personality Lasizwe Dambuza has done it again. He has managed to secure deals with big brands and is now set to host two television shows.

Lasizwe took to Instagram making the big announcement that he will be joining the Craz-E team and Voov on a new show. We got to speak to him and get the inside scoop as to what his involvement was with the two brands are.

“I’m basically the new presenter but the one that reads the entertainment column and the top ten charts..”

Speaking on his new show with Voov TV, Lasizwe said that the role was similar to the one with Craz-E, however, was more opinion based as they talk directly to people live on the show.

“Voov scoop is a new TV show, and I’m the new’s almost like a fashion police type of vibe, we talk about fashion and incorporate entertainment news that has been happening during the week..”

The personality now showcases his talent on various platforms and says that there is more to be expected from him as 2018 unfolds.

“I’m busy with my radio show, I had to move to every Saturday because of my busy schedule during the week, there are other stuff which are coming up that I can’t mention, Fanta employment is taking a lot of my time…”

Lasizwe can be seen every Thursday on Etv’s Craz-E, giving the scoop on the latest entertainment news and on Voov TV's new show VoovScoop at 18:00pm on channel 196.

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