Lerato Kganyago: Doing okay but still disappointed

The drama surrounding Lerato Kganyago and her True Love cover continues, although she's over it to a certain extent.

By  | May 24, 2016, 04:06 PM

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Lerato Kganyago is at peace with True Love's decision to release her before and after pictures, but is still disappointed with their actions.

On Monday afternoon, Live Amp presenter Lerato Kganyago found herself embroiled in a national debate as before and after pictures of her True Love cover edition were released to the public.

The initial decision to release the rather unflattering images were due to the publication being under fire for altering Lerato's cover photo on the magazine.

Since the release of the before and after images, Lerato has openly spoken about the topic at hand during her radio show with co-host Mo Flava on Metro FM’s Morning Fix. Lerato explained that she is okay but still very disappointed at True Love’s decision to release the images.

“In their defence, which I thought was very tacky, they released images of me that are untouched. Which showed my cellulite, now I don’t have a problem with you showing my cellulite. I show it myself on Twitter and I speak about it every day but the intention behind it, body shaming me and the fact that they don’t want to acknowledge that they actually did Photoshop my cover. And to go ahead and publish those pictures and try to humiliate me and not even apologise for it… I was just very disappointed.”

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Lerato also mentioned that the publication had initially sent her the cover photo to review and that she had mentioned that she had a few concerns about the cover.  However, she was informed that it was too late to make any changes as the magazine issue was already going for publication.

“A week and a half ago, they sent me the cover and I had a couple of concerns. The mouth did not look like my mouth, the nose looked completely different. I basically looked disfigured.”

The Morning Fix had mentioned that they had contacted True Love Magazine, who have since declined an interview with the radio station.

Image Credit: Instagram