Letoya Makhene and her partner welcome their little one

And it turns out their little one is a month old.

By  | Nov 24, 2017, 04:52 PM

Generations actress, Letoya Makhene, is pregnant

A lot of our favourite celebrities have been pregnant this season, and with some already having delivered. Letoya gave birth to her baby on this day last month, she stated in a  recent instagram post.

It seems that tradition might have kept us from being introduced to the baby when he was born, according to certain traditions, a newborn baby may only be revealed to the public a month after the babies born date to avoid certain factors like bad energy. Letoya gave birth to their little one a month ago but officially introduced him to us on Instagram today.

Letoya  posted a cute picture of her cute little family, introducing us to the newest member of their family Kopano Jordan Leeuw and clearly stating that the baby was born "a month ago"

"We were blessed a month ago today with the newest member in our family. Meet Kopano Jordan Leeuw. Thank you so much for all your love and prayers. Love Tshepo & Letoya" she said.

Husband Tshepo also shared the same image saying: "Our greatest gift arrived this day a month ago. Welcome to our joy!!"

Letoya Makhene

The couple is overjoyed after the long anticipation, we look forward to seeing more snaps of the little one.

Congratulations to the Leeuw family!

Main Image Credit: Instagram