Letshego Zulu on Gugu's death: I was not expecting the outcome

Letshego recalls her last moments with her late husband. 

By  | Sep 07, 2016, 07:34 AM

Letsegho Zulu

It has been a month and a couple of weeks since Gugu Zulu passed away. The race car driver lost his life at Mount Kilimanjaro on Nelson Mandela Day - 18 July

He was part of a group that took part in this year's Trek4Mandel expedition. 

In a recent interview with Anele Mdoda on her Real Talk with Anele, Letshego shared stories about their life together and also revealed her last moments with him. 

During the interview, Anele mentioned and asked: "I remember what broke me, was reading that you were running next to him as you guys were going down (the mountain). And he was on a stretcher. Were you guys talking whilst that was happening?" 

Letshego replied: "Gugu was unconscious, all the way." She explained that he fell unconscious before they left Kibo. 

Letshego Zulu

"Uhm... that was part of the reason why the doctor made the call for us to descend. Uhm... we, I was talking to him the whole way... I just kept on saying to him 'just hold on, hold on for our daughter'. And I was pretty much just begging him to hold on the whole way. And I kept on saying 'you'll be fine, you'll be okay'." 

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She said she even remembers bargaining with God at some point. "And, you know I went as far as saying 'even if he's in a coma for the next six months. That's how far I took it," she told Anele. 

Letshego revealed that she was not expecting the outcome, adding that she had a level of faith that he would be okay. 

"And I don't even think the word death crossed my mind.... I honestly don't know how I managed to walk and run down that mountain for eight hours, because that's how long it took," Letshego said.  

During Gugu's funeral in July, Letshego pleaded for a mini-medical facility to be erected on Mount Kilimanjaro.