Lexi Slams Body Shamers

Lexi Slams Body Shamers

Mar 19, 2019, 08:15 AM

Reality TV star, Lexi Van Niekerk is speaking out after being cyber-bullied by body shamers. The former Big Brother star is currently pregnant and took to social media to set the record straight after noticing some unflattering comments on her social media platforms.

It's nothing new for a woman to gain weight while she is pregnant but some people took this as an opportunity to poke fun at one half of MandLexi.

Speaking to Sunday World, she sent a message specifically to the women who she alleges have been bulling her online:

"To all the women who [are] thinking it's okay to break women down and throw insults, I understand why. You're nothing but insecure, ugly inside and out, and have no idea what kindness means."

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Luckily, Lexi is one of the toughest cookies in the game and she refused to let their criticism get to her. She added that the industry has helped her gain thick skin when she said:

"I've grown a thick skin that it does not bother me so much anymore, but when someone constantly does it, you can't help but notice these horrible messages."

And then she left a message to anybody who is or has ever been pregnant:

"Each and every woman experiences pregnancy differently. Weight gain, break-outs and all the symptoms of pregnancy are perfectly normal. Don't allow some random comments to get to you. Embrace your flaws and protect your space.

Now we're counting the days until baby MandLexi arrives. Who do you think she will look more like?

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Tinashe Venge

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