Jun 13, 2018, 09:57 AM

Lorna Maseko's new gig

She has partnered up with a well-known luxury brand

Lorna Maseko

Just a few weeks ago, Lorna Maseko bought herself a sexy Mercedes-Benz convertible and now the celebrity chef and presenter has now bagged a gig with the brand. Must be so nice being a celeb.

Mercedes-Benz recently confirmed the news, sharing that the media personality has scored a one-year partnership with the brand.

According to The South African, Mercedes-Benz is said to be very excited about its partnership with one of South Africa's most fabulous celebrity cooks and presenter.

"Lorna's success and glamorous lifestyle is a reflection of what's hip, hot and happening thus making the collaboration the perfect partnership."


Congratulations to Ms. Maseko, she is now officially part of the long list of celebrities who are team Mercedes-Benz.

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@LornaMaseko

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