Love-struck Zahara fan married with children

Love-struck Zahara fan married with children

Nov 22, 2013, 08:00 AM

Allegedly also a successful musician, Sifiso earlier this week told the Daily Sun that he received a message from God, who told him “That is your wife” when he saw Zahara on television the first time, and he has since been following the songbird around as she tours across Africa.

This has come as quite a shock for the 32-year-old’s wife, who couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw her husband’s face sprawled on the front page of the newspaper while in the spaza shop buying some bread.

According to the Daily Sun, 31-year-old Thami Ngiza told them that Sifiso is the father of her two children, aged three and six, and that he just walked out on them some three months ago, apparently “without even saying good-bye”. He apparently also has a child with another woman from the same area.

Sifiso doesn’t think he has done anything wrong, though.

The publication reports that he confirmed from Swaziland “that he has two women in Daveyton. He said that although he loves them, he would make Zahara his first wife”.

“I have many cows to pay for the woman of my choice,” he added.

Earlier this week, Zahara kindly responded to Sifiso’s marriage proposal, saying that she is much too busy focusing on her career to "commit myself to any relationship", but he hasn’t given up hope.

“All women take their time to give a man the right answer,” he said of her rejection.

“I believe that she will love me back.”


(Credit: Zahara Facebook page)

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