Love your job like Prince Kaybee does his

Here's some Tuesday motivation for you.

By  | Nov 02, 2017, 11:30 PM

Prince Kaybee

Right now you're probably at work sitting in your cubicle and dreading the day ahead, but what's great is that we're closer to the weekend, but if you feel like you simply can't wait for the weekend here's some bit of inspiration courtesy of Prince Kaybee

See the good thing is that there are people out there who love and do their jobs so well that they even inspire some of us to do better at our own jobs.

One of those people is Prince Kaybee who, from the outside looking in, is absolutely enjoying and loving his job but all of this didn't come easy.


In a recent interview with DJ Fresh, Prince Kaybee recalled how he got a girl pregnant and had to drop out of school. 

His hardships as a young man taught him to appreciate life and go even harder when it comes to his craft as a DJ. 

Have you seen how happy he is when he is at his office? (The club) by the way, we think Beautiful Girls is definitely the track for December just like Omunye Phez' Komunye by Distruction Boyz.

#IAmMusic #AlbumInStores🙌🏾

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He takes his job very seriously but having fun at the same time.

#AlbumInStores #IAmMusic🙌🏾

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Even when he's rehearsing it's all fun and hard work.

Had a great time at rehearsals, @iamking_o thnx for capturing this electrifying moment🙌🏿 #AlbumOutInStores #IAmMusic

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So even if you're dreading work this week, we hope Kaybee will be an inspiration to you to either find your passion or find new ways of enjoying your job. Whether you're an office secretary, a street sweeper or a CEO just make sure you enjoy your job to the best of your abilities.

Who knows where this positive attitude about your job might take you in the next 10-years.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@PrinceKaybee_SA