Pearl Opens Up About Bae

Pearl Opens Up About Bae

Mar 22, 2019, 04:02 PM

Award winning TV Host Pearl Modiadie did a quick QnA with her Instagram  followers where she shared her thoughts on love, and her relationship.

A user asked Pearl how she met her partner and whether her family had been accepting of him as he is from a different race.

The star responded saying how it has not been the first time dating outside of her race, so it did not come as a shock to her family:

“We met through a mutual friend. I have dated outside of my race before and it was a long - distance relationship which did not work out because the distance took its toll. So, this was not uncomfortable for my family. His family is also really lovely. They all want what’s best for us.”

When asked how she balances her personal life the radio presenter shared how she always makes time for both as she sees them as equally important. 

“All aspects of my life are important to me so I make time. There is always time.”

The QnA got interesting when a user asked Pearl on her thoughts of staying in a cheating relationship hoping that the partner will change.

The authentic host responded saying that loyalty means everything to her and once that trust is broken it is hard to gain back. 

“Loyalty is everything to me and I communicate that from the very beginning. Once trust is broken, it is hard to rebuild again. People cheat because they choose to.”

She continued to say that it is possible for a person who cheats to change however she would not linger around to find out. 

“Changed behaviour is also a decision they need to make. Will I be around for that decision? Probably not.”

Earlier this year Pearl gave us a sneak peek of her bae.

Instagram embed

Pearl seems to have a good thing going with her new man and we wish them the best of luck.

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