Loyiso Bala Apologises For Offensive Tweet

Loyiso Bala Apologises For Offensive Tweet

Mar 27, 2019, 01:26 PM

Musician Loyiso Bala has managed to get himself out of a sticky situation, after apologising to the LGBTQ+ community this week for a post about his brother Phelo that nearly collapsed the internet.

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"As I said to him, 'I’m in no position to judge you but to love you and to always point you to Christ. Your relationship with him will define your life’s purpose,'” Loyiso wrote.

Loyiso served to suggest that is the type of message his little brother needed on his birthday but the mean streets of Twitter, were quick to point out to the star that he was 'hiding his homophobia behind [his] religion.

Loyiso defended his message and said he was not being judgmental, but continued to get dragged even by other ZAlebs who couldn't quite get his point of view.

Loyiso took a short hiatus to avoid the judgemental stares and returned to Twitter on Tuesday evening to apologize to all those offended by the post.

And yes, although the RnB crooner was seemingly sincere with this apology-there were some folk that were not impressed.

As a ZAleb, you can't win them all but you can mind your P's and Q's or at least finesse them - where's your PR Team when you need them? What are your thoughts on the apology?

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Fika Msengana

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