MaKhumalo to release a Gospel single

MaKhumalo to release a Gospel single

May 01, 2018, 06:21 PM


Who knew Mzansi's favourite polygamous wife has a knack for singing.

According to Isolezwe, Makhumalo will be releasing her first Gospel single in the month of May.

MaKhumalo confirmed to Isolezwe that she is currently busy with the finishing touches of the song.

"Right now we're busy trying to finish the song, I'm working with another Gospel singer who is well known, but for now I cannot reveal who it is. We will reveal the artist's name as soon as it's confirmed that we have the lawful rights to the song," she told the publication.


MaKhumalo said that she's unsure if she'll release a second single or even an album, she added that it would be up to the people if they like her first single before making a final decision about her potential career in music.

Well, we can't wait to hear what MaKhumalo has to offer.

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@ThobileK

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Zee Dladla

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