Mandisa and Tishiwe on their relationship & coming out

They're probably one of the most loved couples in entertainment.

By  | Nov 03, 2017, 03:15 PM

T and M

Actors Mandisa and Tishiwe have not only caught the attention of the masses with their great acting skills. But it is also their relationship that garnered them quite a lot of attention.

Known as one of the most openly gay couple in entertainment, Mandisa and Tishiwe shared that it was not their intention to come out as a couple to the public because of who they are during their interview with Tumi Morake on WTF Tumi.

"I think it wasn't a conscious decision because if we were a heterosexual couple we wouldn't have to do that, when Cassper and Boity were together they didn't have to sit everybody down and say...'this is who we are and we chose to be together because of A, B, C,D..' So I'm the type to express my relationships, particularly those relationships that mean something, so it was just natural for us to take selfies together and post them, it wasn't planned, it was never really about that." Said Mandisa.

The couple has acted in roles that have positioned them in homosexual and heterosexual relationships, but they mentioned that that has never been a problem in their own personal relationship as they're merely just doing their job. 

"I think It's great that we're both in the same industry, so we both understand that it is work at the end of the day. So you go on set and you have this on-screen romance but you don't take it home."  Said Mandisa

Mandisa joked that Tishiwe is on a show currently (Imposter) where she kissed three different people in the first episode but explained that she totally gets it because that's the nature of the business.

 "I do understand and I think it helps that I'm also an actress and that I've also had to be in on-screen relationships." She further explained.

Tishiwe also added that it does not faze her that her girlfriend is also in these on-screen relationships as it's all about being true to the character she's playing

"I personally don't feel anything about it because it's about work, It's not me kissing so and so. Because I'm also a director I've also had to direct her in a gay role with another woman, so I would want her to go all the way in so that her character can be truthful." Said Tishiwe.

Tishiwe and Mandisa

The couple also expressed that the coming out part of homosexuals does not settle well with them as it feels like an explanation more than anything.

"We feel like the whole coming out concept is so problematic, I think it's all to make heterosexual people feel comfortable like I need to explain myself and my life to you. All we're trying to do is just live and love." said Mandisa.

Mandisa and T

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