Mapungubwe Festival apologises to Amanda Black after gun incident

The festival has gone out on the life-threatening incident that happened to Amanda and her band members

By  | Dec 12, 2017, 05:59 PM

Amanda Black

On Sunday night a visibly shook Amanda Black went on to social media to express how angry and violated she felt after a man pulled a gun on her and her band members as they were about to perform at the Mapungwabe Festival in Limpopo.

In case you didn't see the video, here it is below.

Amanda explained that the reason she decided to post the video was to make people aware of the unjust treatment artists receive backstage at these events sometimes.

A picture of a man who allegedly pulled the gun on Amanda has been going viral on social media, however, we cannot confirm whether it really is the man.

The spokesperson for Mapungwabe Festival has since released a statement apologizing to Amanda for the way she was treated. The organisers of the festival mentioned that they'll be looking into security and personnel to find out what exactly went wrong.

"We are aware of the claims and we have no reason to dispute her claims nor think they are frivolous. We are treating the incident as serious and urgent and will meet on Monday with security and festival personnel to establish what had happened. As there are claims of a gun being pulled on her, we will involve law enforcement,"  Read the statement.

Amanda has yet to further comment on the incident.

Main Image Credit: Supplied