Minnie Dlamini "better off" without former manager

Minnie Dlamini "better off" without former manager

Dec 19, 2016, 05:47 PM

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In entertainment, the relationship between a celebrity and their manager is very vital, it is the differance between a celebrity making it and failing dismally at making it.

It has been a great year for Minnie Dlamini. The media personality has had a lot of success in her TV career after scoring some big gigs.  

And, to top it all off, Minnie is ending 2016 with a bang after revealing that she said "yes" to her man of two years, Quinton Jones. 

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It also looks like some of her success came after she parted ways with her former manager, Pumza Nohashe. Well, that's if her tweet to a fan is anything to go by. 

Twitter user @AinaRaizaKweyo tweeted: "yoooh @PumzaNohashe everyone that you had or manage is "IT". @MinnieDlamini @bonang_m @NomzamoMbatha. Your work is amazing. Carry on. 

However, Minnie doesn't seem to agree and made it clear that she's doing better without Pumza. 

Sjoe! It looks like they didn't part on good terms. 

Last year, sources told City Press newspaper that Minnie was "unhappy" about how Pumza handled her finances.

"Unfortunately, it didn't end well. Nohashe was like a big sister to Minnie, and they used to work very well together." 

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