Mo Molemi the rapper that farms

It's been 18-years since he dropped the mic in exchange for a life on a farm

By  | Jul 23, 2018, 03:11 AM

Mo Molemi

A lot of rappers dabble into many businesses in order to make another viable income, from endorsement deals to selling merchandise and club appearances, the life of a rapper can be quite interesting.

But we don't know of any other rapper either than Mo Molemi who exchanged his career on stage for a life as a farmer in his hometown of Ramatlabama in the North West.

We once wrote an article about him appearing on SABC 2's Living Land episode, which was a magazine programme that focused on the agricultural sector in South Africa.

In the programme, the Motswako rapper emphasized the importance and benefits of South Africans practising agriculture in their own backyards as it not only ensures that South Africans are able to put food on the table for their families but it is also a convenient and easy way of providing food and income for your family as you can also sell the vegetables you make in your backyard.

mo molemi

That interview happened almost three years ago, so we were quite relieved to have learned that Mo Molemi is still going strong as a vegetable and livestock farmer.

At some point, Molemi even sold his own wine.


Although Molemi is fully focused on farming, he hasn't entirely forgotten about his rapping roots as his product packaging also consists of rhymes he's written for the product as well.

Mo rhymes

Shout out to Mo Molemi for being such an inspiration.

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