More Celebs Face Sexual Assault Allegations!

Well known names keep popping up.

By  | Sep 07, 2019, 09:30 AM

 The list keeps getting longer, and many are wondering if their faves have made on the notorious list. This is in reference to the much talked about trending list from these Twitter accounts, @DBN_Survivors and @GautengSurvivors and @AmINext.

These respective accounts, post stories of anonymous women who have allegedly been sexually assaulted by men including well known male celebrities.

This week has been quite a heavy one for our country in general. The brutal rape and murder of 19 year old  University student, Uyinene Mrwetyana evoked strong and aggressive reactions from the public, especially women.

However it was the women who found resonance with Uyinene's story  -that inspired a revolutionary agenda of exposing the men that raped them.

ZAlebs has been closely following the story, as it keeps unravelling. Whilst going through the list, one couldn't ignore the alarming number of well known personalities that have been mentioned (some even several times).

Today we have a new list of alleged celebrity rapists that have been mentioned in these groups - respectively.

1. DJ Speedsta

2. Chris Mapane

3. Simphiwe Shembe

4. DJ Citi Lyts.

5. Gemini Major

6. Mdu Gumede

7. Chris Nkosi

NB: None of the claims have been confirmed as true and the Twitter accounts have been reported for defamation of character.

We hope these well known celebs come forward soon and squash the rumours. We also hope the women find the closure they seek.

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@speedsta